The Written Word...
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The personalities and subjects for which our stories are based were amazing individuals, real or imagined, who have left their mark on the folklore and literature of their respective cultures and civilizations. They inspire us to retell their struggles and share their legacy. Some of these individuals are well known to us, but most remain unknown, their legends and even their actual history seldom recounted. Their stories are important to us as they played an important role in their day or in the development of the accepted morals and norms in various societies. In many respects they affect us even into our own time. The legends suggest that many of these people were merely myths, a figment of our creative imagination or fantasy, yet we know that for every mythological tale there is an element of truth to be found within that story. Perhaps the story was fabricated as a warning or a caution to future generations, the descendants of conquerors and kings or maybe these tales were preserved by the oppressed to serve as a remembrance of a forgotten past. We present these stories as magical tales but do so accompanied with the belief and knowledge that there is some historical truth at their root. Here you will find some writings about those incredible personalities and subjects who inspired us. Their deeds and exploits inspired great traditions of art, drama, music and expression in the ancient civilizations, indicating they were clearly deemed too important and essential to be fully forgotten, whether they happened to have been considered friend or foe, hero or villain, champion or outcast by the society of the time.