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~The Fall Of Troy~ is an epic video storybook based on the Iliad cycle, recounting the final battle to save the besieged, fabled city. Paying homage to the great poets of ancient Greece and Rome; Homer, Arctinus, Quintus Of Smyrna, Virgil, Pindar and Ovid, this is a detailed, visceral account of the conflicts between mighty armies, great champions and heroes, a glimpse into ancient warfare and a study of the emotions of the human heart and the workings of the mind, recited in the style of ancient bards. View the trailer on our Fall of Troy page. Original music is performed on traditional instruments, stunning photography and images of classical art enhance the telling of the tale. 

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Audiobooks are available for streaming on many sites including Amazon,  Apple Music, iTunes and other platforms.

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The lovely background image is a sandstone sculpture from the temple at Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh,  India of a celestial being named Adrika Apsara, who is associated with the compilation of the Indian epic Mahabharata. 

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