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Recitation: Ismail Butera, Jennifer Hassan

All recordings, music & recitations copyright Ismail Butera, 2017
Recordings engineered at Soundworks Recording Studios, Astoria NY

Check out some of the people with whom we are proud to network!

Warriors of Elysium: Amazons And Myrmidons
A group of hoplite enactors dedicated to the study, application and performance
of authentic ancient Greek martial techniques
Photo, Koda Mobley

Alrechina Verdigris
Ethnic, Historical Reconstructive Dance

Dorit Elena King
Performance & Creative Artist

'Shield Of Achilles'
Translations Of Homer's Iliad
 Hosted By Kathleen Vail 

Sacred Music of the Cosmos

Anton Platonov, maker of ancient & traditional folk instruments

Luthieros, crafters of ancient Greek lyres & instruments

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