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Recordings, music, recitations & articles copyright Ismail Butera, 2017
Recordings engineered at Soundworks Recording Studios, Astoria NY

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Archeophiles, artists and crafts people we are proud to network with, sharing our interest in the classical check them out!

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To change with change is the changeless state

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Tony Cranston Author, storyteller, teacher,
radio host  

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Deborah Karpel
Singer, actress, writer, vocal instructor



Dean Kutzler, author and graphic artist


Fahredin Shehu, poet & author


Dorit Elena King
Vocalist, dancer, actress

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'Festivals For Peace'
Promoting peace and global understanding

Shubhrangshu Roy, author and storyteller

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Anton Platonov, maker of traditional folk instruments

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'Shield Of Achilles'
Translations Of Homer's Iliad
Hosted By Kathleen Vail 

Sacred Music of the Cosmos


Crafters of Greek lyres, instruments

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'Talking Stories' on East London Radio:

Warriors of Elysium: Amazons And Myrmidons
Troupe dedicated to the study and performance of 
ancient martial arts
Sybilla Bakzaza-Dodds, Director  Photo, Koda Mobley

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