Muses And Bards 
Enablers Of Celestial Visions


Vase design & edit, Eliza Bashirah


In times of old did we all dwell
amid lessons learnt but too oft, dismissed
When wore we light beams above our crowns
and heaven's lips, we kissed
Upon hearing the song of bards at night
we are reminded of those days
Each one of us an actor, dancer, a teller of tales

in these universal plays

Amid joy and tears, laughter and war
did we strive to seek our way

And still we wonder, where for do we go?
If not for the dreams of yesterday
Those faces and figures in battle, etched
on the side of a Grecian vase 
Were once breathing, living beings
Grimaced faces, eyes fixed in terror or amazement recount the saga that was

but a theater for some mighty deity, all knowing, infinite in seeing 
To those aged heroes we pay homage, we salute they who dared 
to write their names upon the sky, as gods to be compared
The dead, and the living are all the same
you see, immortality demands a price
Eternally we ask, that ancient question...
will our deeds at last, oh dear and beloved hearer of this verse...suffice!


Grecian Vase, Ismail Butera

There are many stories from the distant past that seemingly come to life, painted upon the sides of ancient Greek pottery.
Click here to listen to the recitation 'Grecian Vase'

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Deborah Karpel sings The Far Side Of The Nile  ~The Portals Of Eternity~
Edited from original photo by Ren Garczinski


With Casey Bond   Photo, Ren Garczynski

Photo, Aleksandr Grinberg

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Carmen Carriker

Artwork, Joan Chiverton 


Jennifer Hassan 


Deborah Karpel

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