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~The Portals Of Eternity~

The Portals Of Eternity Storybook Video

Based on ancient Egyptian mythology, this is a story about the importance of resurrection and rebirth, the acceptance of fate and destiny, the battle between the heart and soul, the will and the ego. It is natural for beings to the ignore reality of death, but the cycle of life, death and rebirth must be maintained at all costs. According to the Egyptian Book Of The Dead all beings must pass through the Portals Of Eternity so as to be born anew in the Netherworld. 

Photos are from a live performance at the National Opera Center in Manhattan on Oct. 27th, 2021 generously funded by a NY City Artists Corp Grant  Ren Garzcynski, photographer

Watch The Trailer

Full storybook video available for 30 day rental on Vimeo

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