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~The Portals Of Eternity~

Some photos from our 2021 live performance  The Portals Of Eternity

Based on ancient Egyptian mythology, this is a story about the importance of resurrection and rebirth, the acceptance of fate and destiny, the battle between the heart and soul, the will and the ego. It is natural for beings to the ignore reality of death, but the cycle of life, death and rebirth must be maintained at all costs. According to the Egyptian Book Of The Dead all beings must pass through the Portals Of Eternity so as to be born anew in the Netherworld. 

Performance was at the National Opera Center on Oct. 27th, 2021 funded by a NY City Artists Corp Grant

Photos, Ren Garzcynski

ren edits_deb reciting_edited.jpg

Deborah Karpel reciting the ancient Egyptian love poem

'On The Far Shore Of the Nile'

portals of eternity_imentet_edited_edited.jpg

Thank you Ismail for organizing such a marvelous, inspiring event.  Your love for the arts and history brought us all together, and I felt the power of your ideas.  It was an honor to be part of this.  Thank you to the amazing artists who brought great energy and love to this project.  You all impacted me profoundly-really.  Everyone made the night magical and I just wanted to thank all of you. God bless you all. Love, Cheryl


Percussionist Casey Bond accompanies Ismail playing the lyre

portals of eternity_nebhet het double swords.jpg
portals of eternity_wosret2.jpg

Sybilla Bakzaza-Dodds as the goddess Nebhet Het
Fatima Rosario Gutierrez as her retainer Wosret 

ren edits_homage to the goddess_edited.jpg

Presenting the forces of the Netherworld

portals of eternity_nuut dance of joy_edited.jpg

Shieri Yamafuji as the sky goddess Nuut

ren edits_the attack.jpg

Cosmic battle, destiny made manifest!

portals of eternity_the dying imentet_edited.png

Cheryl Gal-Zur as the dying Imentet

ren edits_defeat_edited.jpg

The shock and disbelief of defeat


Terrible sword of Nepthys

portals of eternity_ressurection of maat edited.jpg

The Resurrection

portals of eternity_dorit & lizza dance_edited.jpg

Dorit Elena & Lizza Hasan
In the roles of Nuut's attendants, Maat & Anukis

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