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Performing, Sharing Knowledge, Discussing

In addition to full storytelling sessions and performances, Ismail and Natalia are available for musical concerts which can be augmented by the inclusion of various instrumentalists, vocalists, reciters and dancers. Please inquire and we will customize any performance to address specific needs and interests. 


Ismail presented programs of Albanian and Balkan folk music and lore in the New York City schools in the mid 1980's. With fellow musicians of many traditions, he coordinated a concert lecture seminar of music in the Islamic world in 1990 for high school teachers in Albany, New York. The 'Sounds of Taraab' was an ensemble that explored the music of the Swahili coast of eastern Africa. As a musician who gained experience performing for a number of ethnic communities Ismail has been called on to assist researchers and educators in presenting various musical traditions from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

Natalia also accompanies teachers, dance instructors and wholeness guides in sessions and seminars with her many instruments and her knowledge of applied spiritual techniques based on the mystery of sound and vibration. Ismail is a recent recipient of the 2021 NY City Artists Corps Grant with which he produced a live performance The Portals Of Eternity based on the religion and mythology of ancient Egypt. 

~Echoes of Antiquity~ is available for school programs, libraries, youth and senior centers, art galleries and group discussions. In addition to our performances of epics and narratives we provide demonstrations of musical instruments, folk culture and tradition as well as oral literature from various cultures, and  we can prepare and present educational programs related to any of our recitations and narratives regarding some of the following topics...

Bardic Tradition, Mythology, History
Ancient & Medieval Literature
Ecstatic Prose & Love Poetry
Ancient Religions, Civilizations, Cultures, Folklore
Meditative Music & Sacred Traditions

Folkloric & Classical Dance


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Echoes of Antiquity has appeared at a number of public events in NY City including:
Jumel Mansion

NY City Municipal Archive Building
Penn Plaza Outdoors
Accordions of the World, Bryant Park
Caravan Of Dreams Cafe
The Library At Ridgewood, Queens
Borough Park Library & Bower Park Library, Brooklyn
NY Mythology Meetup
Live Podcast on WFMU Transpacific Sound Paradise
Witchsfest Manhattan


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