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So What's New In 2024?
Our newest project for the New Year is to create a story from Mayan cosmology emphasizing the importance of recording and maintaining the count of days. Mayan civilization was virtually obsessed with the concept of time, said to have been a binding pact between Mankind and the Gods. This rather heavy responsibility was perfectly described by historian Michael Wood as what he termed 'The Burden Of Time'. So important was this endeavor that it was believed when the last shaman or time keeper on Earth would finally die and no others take his or her place, all the world and the universe would cease to exist.

With time, all is possible, all is remembered. Without it, nothing can ever be.

mayan project photo dsc_0261.jpg

From left: Vivimar Luz, Natalia Perlaza, Cheryl Gal-Zur Photo, Elena Olivo

Check out some music and storytelling from the mythology of the ancient Amazigh, the Berber people of North Africa.

Lots of recordings on Spotify, under Ismail Butera.

berber woman child  moussa idrissi.jpg

Amazigh mother and child, photo Moussa Idrissi

Listen to the poetry of my dear friend Shubhrangshu Roy, which I recite and accompany with some Indian raga-spiced accordion improvisation. His work Shadows Of The Fragmented Moon is original mystical poetry based on the philosophy of the Upanishads.

Shubhrangshu's website can be found on the contact us/links page. 

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