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After a few years of writing, composing, researching, recording and quite frankly, simply learning to maneuver the gentle art of the internet download, upload, image touch up and fine tuning the video and recitation script editing, at long last a real video storybook has been released. It continues to be a sheer pleasure to work with Kamilo Kratc of Soundworks Recording Studio in Astoria NY, and every visit is a learning experience about the technology of both digital recording and accessing the various platforms of the internet.

See the trailer for the Fall of Troy on the page dedicated to this ancient tale. The full version is now available at Vimeo On Demand. Also available on Vimeo is The Portals Of Eternity, a tale based on ancient Egyptian religion and mythology. Portals is available in audiobook format as well, as is The Tragedy Of Perit, an ancient Illyrian creation story, and The Saga Of Myrina- based on the work of the ancient Greek historian Diodoris of Sicily, who in his Bibliotheca Historica tells of a supposed ancient Bronze Age warrior queen from North Africa who just may have been the first of the great world conquerors, ruling a short lived empire that stretched from the Atlas Mountains in Africa to the Balkans. Whether Myrina is fact or a myth, her's is an interesting tale comparable to the rise from obscurity of such historical figures as Tamerlane. 

Our online video storybooks are enhanced by commissioned photos of talented actors, actresses and models dressed in ancient garb in poses which mimic ancient, neo classicist and Renaissance art, alongside actual examples of artwork from the world's great museums and galleries. Thus, the videos are both entertaining as well as educational. 

What's in the works for the rest of the year? Plenty! 
*There's a Mayan tale planned about the creation of the universe and the importance and sanctity of recording time. This work will be in two parts, the first describing creation and the second where the chosen hero beings must go down into the underworld known as the Xibalba to defeat the evil host and emerge to grant another day for the world. 

*Another Egyptian tale for an audio book, this time about the love between the last of the great Pharoahs, Ramses III and his devoted Titi Amun.

*Planning a sequel video storybook to The Fall Of Troy which focuses on the early career and rise to fame of Bethesekyme, Memnon's great Nubian general. 

*Winter will hopefully see something come to fruition I've been planning for some time, the compilation of an Indian inspired epic. Several Apsara, those beautiful muses of another dimension who inspire art, music, dance and poetry are called upon to confront evil gods and do battle battle with demons so as to maintain order in the universe. 

Listen to the poetry of my dear friend Shubhrangshu Roy, which I recite and accompany with some Indian raga-spiced accordion improvisation. His work Shadows Of The Fragmented Moon is original mystical poetry based on the philosophy of the Upanishads.

Shubhrangshu's website can be found on the contact us/links page. 

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