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Read articles about the ancient past: history, mythology, music and art, biographies and sagas of ancient champions and individuals both real and imagined, thoughts and theories about ancient spirituality and philosophy, unsolved mysteries, architectural wonders of the prehistoric and classical world, as well as art and creativity forever inspiring the archeophile. Articles are changed periodically and posted according to theme.

Brave Women Of The Ancient Balkans

An Ancient Illyrian Creation Tale

The Illyrians were an ancient people who inhabited the western Balkans. They spoke one of several Indo European languages once found throughout the region of which it is said only modern Albanian is in part descended from. The story of Perit, the first woman who is credited with fashioning the world, is interesting as it displays very archaic links to the concept of the primordial androgynous being who exhibits, like the Hindu God Shiva, half male and half female attributes. Her story exemplifies the plight of women throughout history, though unlike other stories such as that of Pandora in Greek mythology or the story of Eve in the Bible and Quran which seem to place all ill fortune and suffering in our world on the acts of the female, Perit's story clearly points to the disrespect, cruel disregard and lack of responsibility on the part of the male. It can thus be said that the figure of Perit comes from an earlier age when matriarchy, respected for creative power and wisdom, held positions of power among human communities. 

Read my epic poem recounting the tale of Perit:

perit square.jpg

Teuta, Pirate Queen Of Ancient Illyria

Assuming the throne of Illyria following the death of her husband Agron, Teuta proved to be a powerful warrior and ruler. Her fleet roamed the seas and became known as the the terror of the Mediterranean, attacking and taking ships at will and defying the power of a rising Roman empire. The Romans did what they would to erase her name from history but in the folk tales of the Albanian and Balkan peoples she is remembered and many stories have been recited about her. Here you can read my story, a combination of history and mythology in the true Balkan tradition:

Image: An A
lbanian coin featuring Queen Teuta


Daughter of Ares: Magic And War In Ancient Thrace

A people living to the north of Greece in a land that was renown for fearsome warriors said to be descended from the god or war Ares himself, the Thracians struck terror into the hearts of all who knew them. While their men and women were fierce in battle, said to be addicted to war they also were a mystical people who reveled in orgiastic feasts with wine and dancing dedicated to the god Dionysus. This was where Orpheus sang to the birds and animals of the forests and entered the underworld. Thracian gold working was unmatched in the ancient world and their art was in demand by kingdoms near and far. The fabled Trojans claimed descent from these people and considered them kin, while the great Amazon Penthesilea who would eventually face defeat by Achilles outside the walls of Troy was said to be of Thracian origin, her golden armor fashioned by the god of metal working  Hephaistos. Hearken ye to this tale of the ancient, fierce and mysterious Thracians:
Image: Model/actress Colleen Aschoff as Penthesilea

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