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History, Mythology, Literature

Read articles about the ancient past: history, mythology, music and art, biographies and sagas of ancient champions and individuals both real and imagined, thoughts and theories about ancient spirituality and philosophy, unsolved mysteries, architectural wonders of the prehistoric and classical world, as well as art and creativity forever inspiring the archeophile. 

The Mysterious Mayan Lady Of The Rock
Recent excavations at a temple site at Xunantunich in Belize is  revealing new information about the status of women in that ancient society. A small pyramid was uncovered from the earth that covered it for centuries and was found to be the tomb of a powerful princess, her story supported by local legends and folk tales. Read here to discover the Mysterious Mayan Lady Of The Rock.

The Story Of A Fallen Aztec Goddess
Aztec mythology tells us that the tribe of the Mexica wandered the deserts and mountains for many years as nomads, until they would see the vision of a promised land in the form of an eagle sitting upon a cactus, clutching a serpent in its beak and claws. On that spot would they build their city and attain glory.

During those days of wandering and trial lived a young, determined woman who stood up for herself by challenging authority. Hers in an interesting tale as it demonstrates, as many ancient tales of powerful women do, the transition from the nomadic hunter/gatherer society to one of settled urban culture. Coyolxuahqui became a goddess in Aztec religion but her story reflects this transition, which included the loss of power and the transfer of leadership from women to men.

aztec cactus.jpg

The Hero In MesoAmerican Art
The Native American peoples  depicted the events of their daily lives through various art forms, and recorded great events glorifying their heroes and champions as any other civilization. The Aztec and Maya were both militaristic societies constantly involved in warfare, and their art reflected the virtues and principles of such a society. Kings were glorified on a level with the gods, no differently than what we witness in  Egyptian, Babylonian or Roman art imagining a larger than life, indeed a massive, glorious reality.

mayan warrior statue  photo Wm. Pearl.jpg
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