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~The Power Of the Word~
History, Mythology, Literature

Read articles about the ancient past: history, mythology, music and art, biographies and sagas of ancient champions and individuals both real and imagined, thoughts and theories about ancient spirituality and philosophy, unsolved mysteries, architectural wonders of the prehistoric and classical world, as well as art and creativity forever inspiring the archeophile. 

The Mysterious Mayan Lady Of The Rock
Recent excavations at a temple site at Xunantunich in Belize is  revealing new information about the status of women in that ancient society. A small pyramid was uncovered from the earth that covered it for centuries and was found to be the tomb of a powerful princess, her story supported by local legends and folk tales. Read here to discover the Mysterious Mayan Lady Of The Rock.

Codifying The Saga of Human Migration
Human beings have been migrating from one place to another for centuries. In the ancient and medieval eras, very often these migrations were accompanied by invasions and conquest as desperate people fleeing famine or natural disasters sought to survive in a profitable land where opportunity beckoned. Conflicts between migrants and the established host nation were the norm. There are few settled peoples who have not at one time or another been themselves nomads or migrants to a new land. The process continues to this day and as a result of such migrations new ethnicities and nations emerge as they did in the past.


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